Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Crafts Thickers Frugal Substitute

I was delighted to get my first package of Thickers the other day. As I am sure you have heard, these foam letters are all the latest rage. As I was playing with them, I started to think about the Foamies that I used to put on my scrapbook pages when I first started the hobby years ago.

I am always trying to bring the cost down of this expensive hobby. I went into my stash and found tons of Foamies that I had forgotten about. You can buy a whole bucket of these guys for a few dollars. You can get the packages of Foamies for even cheaper. The Foamies come in a variety of styles and colors.
Best of all, they are acid free (as I know many crafters are very concerned about that). These are just a small fraction of the shapes that are available in the Foamies. I adore these little puzzle pieces! On the colorful letters, you punch out the flowers so that you can see them on the letter and then you also have extra flower embellishments to use on another project. The Foamies are all adhesive and ready to go.

One package of American Crafts Thickers averages at $4.99 whereas an entire bucket of Foamies averages at $3.99. The Thickers are sold in packages of one color at time. With the Foamies, you get so many more letters to play with and a variety of colors in the same bucket. I hope you enjoyed my frugal crafting tip =)

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Kimmie0270 said...

Those thickers look familiar.. .LoL. I think that's a great idea! Really awesome stuff!

Kim said...

AWESOME idea! You are so resourceful!
Hugs~ Kim

Kim said...

I have a surprise for you on my blog!
Hugs~ Kim

ScrappinGalz said...

Thanks so much for the tip! What a great way to save a little cash!

Heavenly Blessed said...

Fun stuff! We have lots of those things aroudn here, the children LOVE playing with them :) JIll

SeaStar Creations said...

great frugal tip! i love hearing those anytime. now i am going to raid my kids craft box and steal some of theirs! even more frugal of me, huh?

Loretta's Blog said...

I love your blog layout!

You have some very nice ideas! Very resourceful!

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Lesly said...

Great idea! Now I have to figure out where to get these.