Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The White Pen Test

When trying to determine which white pen to carry in my store, I wanted to make sure that I tested each of them out before choosing. I tried 6 of the white pens on the market (see picture) and I found that almost all of the white color disappeared into the paper after coloring on it. When I colored with it, the white color was there & then it just evaporated into the paper. The best pen out of all of these was the Inkssentials White Pen from Ranger. The second best pen for the white pens was the pen on the left made in Japan by Signo. I was extremely disappointed with the results of the Sharpie, the Deco Marvey pen, and Galaxy. If I had to rank third place, I would pick the Gelly Roll (but only if I really had to pick lol). So...my winner is the Inkssentials White Pen. I would love to hear your opinions on white pens..