Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quickie Card

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I love cardmaking as much as the next paper addict, but sometimes I just do not feel like it. Obviously, at this point in my life, I cannot just send any old card to my friends & family. They know that I make cards so if I send the $1.99 Hallmark through the mail, it's just not cutting it. So, I found a quick way to get the same effect of a homemade card, but it's my way of cheating. Here is what you will need:
Inkadinkado just came out with these beautiful premade cards that come in a variety of colors called Personal Impressions. The cards even come with matching envelopes! The card that I used is called "Bombay Butterfly." The area to be stamped is cleary highlighted in the middle & works perfectly with the icon & border clear stamp sets. You can get this set of cards & a bunch of other styles just like it at my store For the stamp, I used "Many Thanks." The stamp is actually two in one - one is the border & one is the sentiment. I also have these stamps & others just like it in stock. You can see it here

I definitely suggest playing around with the stamp before you go stamping onto the cardstock. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of being a "hotshot" and not practicing first with my new stamp & so I ruined one card. But, have no fear because I used that "ruined" card by cutting out the butterfly in the corner of it & using it as a pop-up on my finished card. To make sure that I did not destroy another card, I used my Giga Marvy punch in the scallop circle and stamped onto a sheet of cardstock that matched the butterfly on the card. This way, if I messed up with the stamp again, it would not ruin the actual card.

Here is what the finished card looks like:
Fast Card
It's not that big of deal, but it is done in no time flat. Best part - people still feel like they are getting a homemade card =) And, they kinda are ;)


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Locks of Love & Fancy Schmancy Signature

I just wanted to briefly tell anyone who is interested about a wonderful opportunity to help a child with cancer. Earlier this week, I donated 12 inches of my hair to This organization accepts 10 inches & longer of hair that is not bleached or permanently dyed, and no more than 5% gray. I heard about this opportunity from my little cousin who did it. She is in elementary school and had beautiful long hair. One day, she came by and her hair was in a short bob haircut. I was shocked to see her new look & asked her why she cut her hair off. Her mother, a 2 time cancer survivor - now in remission, had gone through chemo & needed wigs. Her daughter, inspired by the challenges of her mom's illness, decided to make a difference & donate her own hair. I was totally touched by this selfless act. If a little child could give up her lovely locks of hair to help out a child affected by cancer, I thought I could definitely extend this gesture. For the past year, I grew out my hair and it finally was time to do the cutting. I am not fond of my short hair, but I know that it is helping a child. If you are not willing to chop off 10 inches, Pantene allows you to donate a minimum of 8 inches This was also featured on Oprah. If you have grey hair, you can still donate as it will be used to offset the costs of wigs by selling it. If you are interested in donating, be sure to read the requirements listed on both sites to see which works best for you. I will post an after pic of my new haircut soon =)

I also got this new fancy schmancy signature. If you want to get one, go to It is so simple & it's free for a basic one like the one I have =)

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vintage Flowers & Birthday Cake

Yesterday, I ventured into the city to check out what it had to offer for the scrappers & stampers of the world. I went to the Mecca of ribbon & trim stores, Tinsel Trading Company, and opened up an account with them. I have never in my entire life seen as much ribbon, trim, buttons, feathers, and fibers in my entire life - forget about the fact that it is housed under 2 roofs....This is where the Martha Stewarts & Ralph Laurens (literally) of the world buy their trims. Their website does not even do them justice, so dont bother looking (well if you must look Pack your bags & book your airlines tickets to NYC pronto =)
While there, I picked up some delicious vintage flowers. These are the sweetest & most delicate little blooms. I cannot wait to put these beauties on my cards. I was always fond of the Prima, but I have to say that these put those gorgeous flowers to shame! Here is a quick shot of what the vintage flowers look like. I am going to be selling them in my store soon, so let me know if you would like some =)
This past week, I also celebrated my 21st birthday (for the 10th time lol). I had a yummy mouse chocolate birthday cake. Now that I am mom, my birthday cakes can really be just about any mom's cake. It is a real rite of passage to no longer have your bday cakes scripted with your first name. Nevertheless, it went straight from the lips to the hips =)

And, being that we are on the topic of chocolate (one of my favorite subjects ha!), I have to give you another good reason to come & visit NYC - we have the "Treats Truck." Think the icecream man meets freshly baked goods served by a hipster chick =) Every day the lady who works this truck posts which blocks she will be serving up the treats. Yesterday, she was on 38th Street & 5th Avenue between 12 - 4. My girlfriend & I stalked her down & were able to get the MOST DELICIOUS BROWNIES on the planet! The treats girl was super nice too! She looked better in person than she does on her youtube clip =) And, she even donates a portion of profit to her favorite charity of the month. What's better than indulging in some goodies for a great cause? Check out the "Treats Truck" here
Hugs, Loreen