Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goodluckabella Card

This card is for my best friend Rachel that I went to law school with. As soon as I saw this Bella, it reminded me so much of her. Now that we are both mommy's and have busy careers & families, we do not see each other as much. I hope that she keeps the card on her desk and when one of her clients aggravates her, she thinks of the 2 of us reading "Vogue" during our Contracts class when we were supposed to be reading the Restatement. BORING!!!!!
Hugs, Loreen


Susan said...

Love her! Love the green you used on her. Doesn't it maike a card special when you maike it with someone in mind? And I was a legal secretary a long time ago and I would have been reading that Vogue also!

Ami said...

I think it's such a cute card and the sentiment behind it will mean she will love it :)